Want to find out everything about the 19th division Alfa Tango..? Check out the website of the Dutch Alfa Tango division.
The main Alfa Tango international website can be found here.

One of my past employers was a telecommunications firm where I worked for 2 years. Although their website is in dutch, you may want to have a peek at it, you can get there by clicking this link.
My last employer, where I worked as a tourbus-driver was Touringcarbedrijf Jan van Delen B.V. te Barneveld.

If you are interested in some projects published in the Free Radio Magazine back in the 1980's, you could have a peek at this website that offers a collection of these magazines in PDF-format. Old school but nice, it includes print-layout, schematics and component diagrams.

If you are as interested as me in space-flight and travel and you want to see all about it in real life, you may want to visit
Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, Florida. For around $ 20 U.S., you can spend the whole day there and enjoy it to the max.

My favorite holiday area in Europe is, without a doubt, the Garda Lake in northern Italy. A beautifull place to visit, good climate, very nice small towns, excellent food and ice-cream and nice temperatures. A nice place to stay would be the city of "Riva Del Garda" on the north end of the lake, You can travel into the mountains within minutes, the view is fantastic and close to the highway as well. There is enough going on around the Garda Lake, it offers even 2 amusement-parcs: Garda-land and Caneva-world.
The famous cities of Venice and Verona are within driving-distance ( 1 - 2 hours ).

As I already wrote, I travelled a lot, still love it and could easily fill up a couple of pages more with interesting places for you to visit whenever you are on holidays in Europe but I'm not a travel-agency so I won't.

A lot has changed over the past years so I will be updating this page every now and then with more interesting links on new stuff on the CB-front. I'm getting old and since I haven't been very active for quite some time now, I need to familiarise again with latest developments and gear so feel free to revisit my site again in the near future. Cheers.
If you want / whish to contact me, please send me a empty email and check your mailbox after a few minutes.
My mailserver will send you a reply containing my real email-address, thank you.