Me and one of my former class-mates came up with the idea of trying to organise a class reunion if there turns out to be enough interest but before getting to work we need to gather a lot of information to be able to do that and, ofcourse, if there are enough of you out there that are willing to participate. Therefore, we would like you to fill out the form below and send it to me.
We are talking about the former technical school: Chr. MTS in Ede, Netherlands. This school no longer exsists as it has turned into the present R.O.C. A12.
We are looking for former students of this school that were studying in the Electrotechnical department during the years 1983 - 1985 and classes E1a ( 1983-1984 ) and E2a ( 1984 - 1985 ).
If you are one of these former students, please fill out the form and send it, if you are still in contact with any of the other class-mates, please point them to this page, we would like to find as many of you as possible !
Your contribution is well appreciated......
As for now, we have set Ede as the location to organise the reunion because of the fact we all went to school there so it should be quite central for everyone we hope. If not, you are free to make a suggestion for an alternative location.
If  you ever want to contact me with further questions or whatever, use this email-link, how and what is explained at the bottom of the Links-page.
The form is in Dutch language (Nederlands) only !