Ever since "primary-school", I have been playing around with electronics, FM broadcasting transmitters to be exact. I build my first one at age 10 I think, just a small one, its range was limited to about 2 Km around, using a antenne that came from a broken portable transitor-radio.
It didn't take long before new transmitters were build, more power, bigger range, less distortion and better sound. It did cost a lot of money in those days though. Thinking back makes me realise that, if I would have saved all that money, I would have had to miss all the fun I had over the years, that's for sure.
Back in those days, we had a very popular magazine down here, called the "Free Radio Magazine" ( FRM for short ), something some of you may have heard of, or stumbled up on while searching the internet. They published some very decent stuff for us "broadcasting pirates", like a PLL driven oscillator, stereo-coder etc. of which I still have some print layouts, components-lists etc.
After a few raids ( 5, for "illegal broadcasting"), I decided to look into other frequencies and ended up in the CB-band, using a "CEPT"-approved Skyline 2008, 22 channels, 0,5 Watts output. That didn't last long though. Soon I found out how to boost the power and bought a different device that was able to use other modes than just FM, the SSB era had arrived.
On the "Pictures"-page, I have picked some of the devices I owned and used, incl. my present gear ( Yaesu FT-757 GX II, Yaesu FC-757AT Antenna-tuner and a FT 7800R dualband transceiver ).
Due to the 5 arrests, I lost a total of around 5000 Euro's worth of gear and had to pay several fine's upto a total amount of 1000 Euro's.
That was the moment I decided it was about time to lay low and take it easy for some time, we are talking 1993. I then switched to "packet radio" for which a computer was needed that I assembled myself from the parts I bought seperately.
The computer-stuff kinda "caught"me, since then, I have always had a computer around and with 1 exception, they were all assembled by myself according my personal specifications. That hasn't changed untill present day.