After "elementary"- and "primary"-school, I studied installation techniques ( electrical, plumbing, central heating ) and electronics for several years untill I finished at age 23 and started off working as a elevator-engineer at Mitsubishi Elevators. Soon I realised, it was not what I wanted so I changed jobs, in fact, more than once. From domestic installations to University installations ( laboratory etc ) to telecommunications, burglar-alarms, camera-systems, I ended up as a service-engineer for the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

That last contract ended after 2 years so I started working as a taxi-driver temporarily, but it ended up in a 5 years job, and passed my exam for bus-driver in the meantime. When I passed that exam, I went to work at 2 companies at the same time, both on a part-time bases. One company that was providing public transportation and the second one was a tourbus-company.
This situation lasted for about 4 years untill I was offered a full-time job at the tourbus-company in 1995.

From that time on, I was driving all accros Europe with a busload of guests on holidays, through different countries, various hotels and visiting the most wonderfull, interesting and well known places all around.

In 1998, after a busy and quite exhausting season, I decided to go on holidays for a few weeks to relax
and get some rest. So, after work, I took off to Andorra where I stayed for a week to celebrate a
girlfriends 30th birthday and then we went on holidays together to Marbella. After returning home I
worked for another 3 weeks and then took off to Poland for another holiday. It was then when I met my
wife. She came to my country in december 1998 to spend Christmas with me and after that, we went to
Poland again to celebrate New Years Eve. I was out of holidays by that time so I was unable to visit again
untill May 1999 and she decided to come with me to the Netherlands and live with me. We are together
since that time and got married in October 2002. All looked well, we had big plans for the future and agreed on visiting her family for Christmas that year. Unfortunately, we were caught in a very heavy car-accident involving a truck that, for some reason unknown, ended up in our lane. I woke up in hospital 3 days later, not knowing what happened. I was severely injured, it turned out my collar-bone was shattered, so was my left hand, 2 fingers were almost cut off and my neck was broken in 2 places.

After multiple surgeries, the hand and collar-bone were more or less fixed but as a result of the broken neck, I lost the use and functionality of my left arm and was left with 24/7 major nerval pains which make it impossible for me to ever work again.
So, I will stick to the things I can do with 1 arm: DX-ing, fixing computer problems and doing computer repairs and assembly.