If you came here after reading the previous pages, you already know most, but not all, of my hobbies because I left some out.

I enjoy watching a good movie, listen to a large variety of music, loved fishing ( which became impossible being a single handed person ), still love travelling ( still allowed to drive a car ), love photography, good food ( especially Italian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai ), computers, HAM gear, cars, space travelling, flying and a warm, not hot, climate.
Radio equipment:
Yaesu FT-757 GX II / Yaesu FC-757 AT / FT7800R     Powersupply: Spanker 2015 ( 13.8V - 20 Amps )
5/8 wave vertical Solarcon / dualband for 2 mtr - 70 cm / Comet CH250B multiband
Mast: 10 mtr. multiple section winchmast ( ex-militairy )

My computers at this time are:
Core i7 870 / Asus P7P55D-E Evo / 8 Gb Ramm / OCZ Agility3 128 Gb SSD / HD5770 Graphics / DvdRom / multi card-reader /
3x 1 Tb HDD, 1x 1,5 Tb HDD and 1x 2 Tb HDD.

Core i5 3570K / Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H / 8 Gb Ramm / OCZ Agility 3 128 Gb SSD / DvdRom / Asus Geforce 7600 Silent / 1x 1 Tb HDD.

HTPC: Xtreamer Ultra 1 / 1x 750 Gb WD HDD / running triple-boot Win XP Home SP3 / Win7 Ultimate / Win8Pro MCE.

NAS: Synology DS412+ / currently 3x 3 Tb HDD. Its my main storage, also running my HTTP and FTP-servers.

Network: Gb Lan    Router: NetGear WNDR3700   /  Switches: 1x Netgear GS108 ProSafe 8-port /2x TP-Link TL-SG1005D 5 port

Internet-connection:  Fiber 100 Mbit synchronously
My FTP-server is called mreftp, I use it to share data ( projects, utilities etc. ) with friends. You need an account to access, no anonymous logins allowed. MRE stands for Mercury Radio Electronics, the name I used for my self made pcb's for gear like stereocoders, FM broadcast transmitters, Limitter-compressors, Soundcontrol-units etc.
In the days I ran a FM pirate-station, I used the name "Mercury Radio"...it all started around 1972 - 1973..nostalgia.....