Hi, let me first welcome you to my hang-out. My name is Reinier, 50 years old and resident of The Netherlands, 1st class operator in the 19-division Alfa Tango, located in the north-west part of Europe's main-land. I'm happily married for over 10 years now, my wife is from Poland where I first met her back in 1998.
During your stay at my hang-out, I will try to present you a nice impression about myself, my hobbies, some historic facts and all there is to it.
At present time, my activity is very rare when it comes to DX-ing, the available time is spend behind the computer keyboard mainly although I have all my gear ready for action in the shack upstairs.
Since I moved from my previous town to the present one, my operating-conditions have decreased quite a bit because my antenna's top-level has been lowered around 6 mtrs. compared to the old situation.
There's more about this on my Hobby-page.

Enjoy your stay at my hang-out, hope to catch up with you some day, either "on the air", email or Skype-chat.
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